BUSTED: Breitbart editors privately accuse Trump Jr. of collusion -- while defending him online
Donald Trump Jr. (Shutterstock)

It appears that now, even editors at Steve Bannon’s conservative website privately believe Donald Trump Jr. is guilty of colluding with the Russians -- while defending him in print.

According to CNN, Breitbart London's editor-in-chief Raheem Kassam is privately concerned about Donald Trump, Jr.'s emails.

"So like, this is straight up collusion, right?" Kassam wrote in a transcript of the company's internal Slack channel obtained by CNN.

The message of anxiety reportedly came in the minutes after Trump Jr. released the email chain setting up his meeting with a Russian lawyer poised to give him "dirt" on Hillary Clinton -- a move that appeared to be an attempt to "get ahead" of a New York Times piece where he also disclosed the emails.

But Kassam denied he thought Trump Jr. was guilty.

"CNN took a tongue in cheek question, in a private context and setting, and isolated one line to make it look like a statement of fact or judgement,” he told The Daily Caller. “Frankly, it speaks to their penchant for fake news that they’d do this, and I’m flattered they place such a high value on my sardonic questions."

Kassam wasn't the only Breitbart employee who reacted to the news: senior editor Rebecca Mansour responded only with the word "wow," while deputy politics editor Rebecca House simply wrote "???????" to voice her astonishment.