Charles Blow said the hiring of Anthony Scaramucci as White House communications director and shakeup of President Donald Trump's private legal team are not unrelated developments.

The New York Times columnist blasted Trump and his administration for a lack of concern with truth and only with themselves.

"Nothing about this White House communications department was ever about communicating," Blow wrote. "On the contrary, it has always been about deception, concealment and equivocation. Informing the public was never the mission. Flattering Trump was the mission. But in the end, Trump will never be satisfied, because successful communications for him is to get people to buy his pack of lies, and that isn’t really working the way it once did."

He pointed to the resignation of Mark Corallo, spokesman for the president's legal team, and the removal of attorney Marc Kasowitz as head of his legal team in the Russia probe, reportedly because over concerns about Trump's truthfulness.

"If people on Trump’s legal payroll are worried that they aren’t being told the truth, how worried should the rest of us be?" Blow wondered. "Very, I would venture."