CNN's Jake Tapper shreds Trump for wasting his time whining on Twitter while ignoring America's problems
Jake Tapper (Photo: Screen capture)

In a tweetstorm Saturday morning, CNN host Jake Tapper shamed President Donald Trump for wasting his time on Twitter, indulging in petty squabbles with the media, while ignoring the problems facing the U.S.

Earlier Saturday morning, Trump rage-tweeted a series of comments attacking CNN, MSNBC and calling Morning Joe host Mike Brezinski "dumb as a rock."

Writing on Twitter, Tapper advised the president to knock it off and start acting presidential.

"More than 10% of tweets fr @realDonaldTrump as president have been attacking journalists. Far fewer discussing troops, opioid crisis, Syria," Tapper wrote.

He then ticked off more suitable subjects for Trump to address on Twitter rather than falsely accusing a TV host of showing up at Mar-a-Lago while bleeding from a face lift.

You can read the tweets below: