Conservative snowflake Christians demand their own emoji from Facebook after LGBT Pride month
Woman praying (Shutterstock)

Conservative Christians are demanding their own crucifix emoji on Facebook to celebrate their opposition to LGBT pride.

June marks International Pride Month each year and is celebrated with parades and LGBT awareness events throughout the world. Facebook celebrated Pride Month adding a rainbow flag to possible reactions friends can give to posts. Conservative Christians, who enjoy holidays sprinkled throughout the calendar, are crying for fairness to have their own way of showing their religious pride.

As the Huffington Post reports, Evangelist Joshua Feuerstein shared a post demanding the crucifix emoji and has long argued for a "straight pride month." Feuerstein is most known for demanding a bakery in Florida make him a cake with the slogan "we do not support gay marriage."

“Remember GOD used the rainbow as a promise never to flood the earth again...but he will burn it with get can't use a symbol that God created and pervert it without repercussions," one user wrote.

Facebook confirmed that there are no plans to put a Christian emoji in circulation.

“This reaction is not actually available on Facebook, and is not something we’re working on,” a Facebook spokesperson said.

Facebook users are so numerous, however, that if Facebook was a religion it would surpass Christianity as well.