Dan Rather gives damning verdict on Trump: ‘Most chaotic, toxic and confusing first 6 months of any presidency’
Dan Rather speaking at SXSW 2017

Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather has published a scathing Facebook post that summarizes the first six months of Donald Trump's presidency -- and he doesn't pull any punches about the president's performance.

"What we have is the weakest, most chaotic, toxic and confusing first six months of any U.S. Presidency in history," he writes. "Only Abraham Lincoln got off to a worst start, with the country virulently divided over slavery and the Civil War looming. Fair to note that Lincoln went on to become one of the greatest Presidents ever, but the challenges Lincoln faced were epochal, not the self-inflicted implosion we are currently witnessing."

Rather then makes the case that Trump's presidency has been so chaotic that even his staunch admirers can't deny that it lacks precedent. What's more, he says the very fact that Trump got elected in the first place shows that American society is in a frightening and dangerous place.

"This is dangerous time. Very. No one should underestimate the potential peril," he writes. "Not just for the Trump Presidency but also and more importantly for the country. Our people are troubled and divided. Friends and allies abroad are worried (as in, “what the hell has happened to America?) Enemies and competitors smell vulnerability."

In conclusion, Rather offers no hopeful words or predictions -- in fact, he says that this presidency has so confounded all norms that it would be impossible to guess what will happen next.

"Where it ends no one knows," he writes grimly.

Read the whole post below.