David Letterman and Sen. Al Franken team up to blame 'Siegfried and Roy' Koch for killing the planet
David Letterman and Al Franken (Photos: Screen capture)

Former "Late Show" host David Letterman and Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) are teaming up to get out their frustrations about disinterest around climate change. So, the two teamed up with humor website Funny or Die to publish a series of videos named "Boiling the Frog with Senator Al Franken."

The series titled is a reference the analogy former Vice President Al Gore crafted about how the slow warming of the globe makes people less likely to notice and thus less likely care. The two addressed topical issues such as Letterman's absurdly long Santa beard, the coal industry and carbon prices.

Franken explains that the series is part of his effort to "fight back" against apathy surrounding the issue and call out those who disregard science.

"Since taking office, President Trump has decided to disregard science in order to repeatedly put the short-sighted interests of his friends in the fossil fuel industry ahead of the safety of our planet," Franken said in a Q&A with the Associated Press. "We hope to bring some much-needed attention to this critical issue and ultimately, to help encourage people in Minnesota, Dave's home state of Indiana and all Americans to make their voices heard and join the fight to combat climate change."

It isn't all jokes and humor, however. Letterman actually traveled to India in order to report on the ways in which the country is solving problems with their power grid while combatting climate change.

"To me, people ought to be aware of this, people ought to have this tucked in their wallet," Letterman explained. "People ought to walk around with this every day in the back of their mind and people ought to be aware and be educated and looking forward to things that they might do to help their kids and their children's kids...When you travel places ... you see enormous solar installations, you see enormous wind farms that 10 years ago did not exist. I am aware firsthand through traveling here and abroad that people are aware of this and doing things about it."

Working with Franken gave the two long-time friends the ability to joyfully collude over climate.

"He gives me hope, he gives me faith," Letterman said of Franken.

Watch a selection of the videos below: