Jack Kingston, a former adviser to Donald Trump, on Sunday said that Republican voters who disagree with the repeal of Obamacare have become addicted to "free stuff."

During an interview on CNN, host Victor Blackwell noted that some Trump voters are turning on the president because he has failed to keep his promise to provide better health insurance at a lower price.

"The president underestimated the stubbornness of the U.S. Senate's ability to act like a team," Kingston opined in response. "When they don't stick together, the executive branch is hurt."

Blackwell reminded Kingston that Trump sold himself as a "dealmaker."

"Just saying to people who rely on these programs... to say, 'Oh I didn't know it would be tough,' is that enough?" the CNN host pressed. "The president has not held a single specific event outside the White House explaining what he's pushing."

"This is going to be a complicated bill, we all know that because people get addicted to free government largess," Kinston replied. "And when you try to approach it or modify it, people get real nervous that they're going to lose their free stuff."

Watch the video below from CNN.