Florida police chief claims he is the victim in shooting of black caregiver after being fired for giving varying accounts
Caregiver Charles Kinsey, left, just moments before being shot by police (Screen cap).

The former Miami police chief who was fired over a controversial officer-involved shooting of an autistic man's caregiver is speaking out -- and claims that he was the victim in this tragic scenario.

According to the Daily Beast, North Miami's former police chief Gary Eugene was fired after one of his officers, Jonathan Aledda, accidentally shot Charles Kinsey, a black behavioral therapist for an autistic man who neighbors believed had a gun (he was, in fact, holding a toy truck).

Eugene was let go from the force after he was accused of giving varying versions of events to internal investigators as the force's commander -- and now, he's filing a lawsuit against City Manager Larry Spring, the man who fired him.

Along with Spring, Eugene is suing the city's vice mayor and the city of North Miami in federal court for allegedly failing to give him due process in his firing.

“We’re looking into a couple theories as to whether Chief Eugene was retaliated against for complaining about this and blowing the whistle on not following the rules or whether this was racially motivated,” Eugene's lawyer, Brian Pollock, who claimed his client (who is black) was a "scapegoat" and a "whistleblower" in the department.