Fox’s Brit Hume insists Don Jr tricked by Russian lawyer’s ‘bait and switch’ and no evidence of collusion
Fox News Senior Political Analyst Brit Hume (screen grab)

Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume threw cold water on reports about Donald Trump Jr.'s admitted meeting with a Russian lawyer to discuss campaign issues against Hillary Clinton.

The conservative commentator worried viewers might come away from those reports -- confirmed by White House officials and the president's son himself -- believing something newsworthy had taken place at that meeting, which the younger Trump denied months ago and began walking back over the weekend.

"Put yourself into the position of a reader or viewer at home, reading and hearing about the story, and thinking, 'Oh, boy, this could be something,'" Hume said. "Come to find out, and this is undisputed, the meeting was largely about adoption -- Russian adoption, which is certainly an innocent purpose, and that looks like a bait and switch on the information about Hillary Clinton, because none was provided."

The Kremlin-linked lawyer represents dozens of Russians under U.S. sanctions for violating the Magnitsky Act for alleged human rights violations linked to overseas adoption.

"You look at that and think, what is the fuss about?" Hume continued. "The media can go on and on about this and trumpet it and say it's evidence of collusion, but when you think about it, any reason a person looks at it, it isn't."