Fox's Chris Wallace blasts Trump White House: They have a 'huge problem with credibility'

On Friday morning, longtime Fox host Chris Wallace declared the White House has a "huge problem with credibility," following reports that there was yet another contact between a Russian tied to the KGB and Donald Trump Jr.

Speaking with host Shannon Bream, Wallace expressed concern over the latest bombshell, noting that, while it might not be illegal, the continuing flow of leaks that undercuts the White House narrative.

Regarding the meeting with an ex-Soviet agent, Wallace admitted he wasn't sure how "serious " it was, but said the problem goes deeper than that.

"It's one more case where there is a new revelation from the White House and Donald Trump Jr., and other people don't put out themselves and it ends up coming out from the news media," Wallace explained.

“I think this is the biggest problem here,” Wallace stated. “I think there is very little legal jeopardy for Donald Trump, Jr., but there’s a huge problem with the credibility of the White House because they kept saying there is no collusion, there have been no contacts, this is all a hoax, it is all fake news.”

Watch video below via Fox News: