'Getting off the Trump train at Unemployedsville': Watch Joy Reid gleefully share her favorite Spicer moments
MSNBC host Joy Reid -- screen capture

Beginning her tribute with "Sean Spicer, say it isn't so," MSNBC host Joy Reid bid a fond farewell to the departing White House press secretary by sharing her favorite clips of the combative former mouthpiece for President Donald Trump.

"Exactly six months after making his first statement in the White House briefing room, a blistering attack on the press based on a Trumpian lie about crowd size at the inauguration, Spicer is getting off the Trump train at Unemployedsville," a smiling Reid began. "Yes, it was a ride that was memorable to say the least, full of statements contradicted by the boss's own tweets."

Noting the "few minutes" Spicer spent "hiding from the press among the bushes" the AM Joy host reminded viewers about the "seemingly endless intrigue about his hold on the job."

"At one point he was reduced to petty theft, he had to take the mini-fridge the junior staffers refused to give up," she explained, referencing a recent Wall Street Journal story.

"What did Spicy get for defending Trump with alternative facts and feats of verbal gymnastics?" Reid asked. "A big old snub from his boss, left off of the officials selected to meet the the Pope -- something Spicer long wanted."

"At least we got this cultural treasure: Melissa McCarthy as the embattled and frustrated spokesman, nicknamed appropriately just 'Spicy' on Saturday Night Live," she concluded before sharing some memorable SNL clips.

Watch the video below via MSNBC: