Heartless Facebooker sets up page to mock San Francisco's 'zombie' homeless population
(Photo: Shutterstock.com)

Apparently, one San Franciscan Facebook user has found a solution to homelessness: taking their photos and making fun of them.

According to SFist, a resident who lives in the city's Mission district created a page specifically to document the people they see within a two-mile radius of her apartments. Most of the images are accompanied by long rants against not only the people in the photos, but against city officials the page's administrator believes contribute to the situation.

Formerly called "Manpiles of SF," the group is now called "Welcome to Mayor Ed Lee's Zombie Nation." While the administrator's identity hasn't been confirmed, SFist and others claim that the page is run by someone named Julie Zberg based on an email that identifies the admin as such.

In the page's "About" section, the administrator claims the purpose of the page is to act as a "pictorial of the daily existence of those of us taken hostage by the dangerous encampment crisis." In another post, the admin calls a man critical of her  page a "cretin" and a "hater."

"Ive [sic] been tracking homeless encampments within a 2 block radius of my residence," one post reads. "I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Jane Kim, SFPD, Ed Lee, Dept of Homelessness and Homeless Outreach Programs especially Jennifer Friedenbach, for allowing this travesty to exist in this city. You are all ineffective wastes, draining the taxpayer wallet."

The page currently has 137 likes and a 1.2 star rating, compiled from hundreds of negative "reviews" from angry San Franciscans who are more sensitive to the plight of their city's homeless.