Here's our Twitter Loser of the Month: Political 'strategerist' Jim Messina
Loser of the Month Jim Messina, speaking to Gultaggen in Norway. Photo by Jarle Naustvik

June was not a kind month for Jim Messina. After managing Barack Obama's successful re-election campaign, the Washington, DC political consultant from Idaho switched sides and began advising Britain's Conservative Party, the Tories.

After Messina lead the Tories to a spectacular defeat, he was the focus of devastating news stories.

Yet that bad press Messina received was nothing compared to the loathing he received on Twitter.

The social media outrage was so intense that Raw Story is recognizing @Messina2012 as the Twitter Loser of the Month.

As The Intercept noted in a profile of Messina, he "became known as a world class *sshole who kept an 'enemies' list on an Excel spreadsheet."

Judging by the breadth of outrage against Messina, he's going to need to update his enemies database.

Here's a look at the best social media digs, by Glenn Greenwald, Libby Watson and Messina himself: