'His actions are presidential whether you like it or not': Katrina Pierson defends Trump's CNN assault tweet
Katrina Pierson takes part in a CNN panel discussion on Aug. 29, 2016. (YouTube)

Appearing on Fox News, former Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson defended the president's tweeting -- as well as his overall demeanor -- saying he is not going to change and whatever he does is "presidential whether you like it or not."

Speaking with host Sandra Smith, Pierson -- who now serves as a spokesperson for America First Policies -- addressed Trump's weekend tweet where he was seen in a doctored video clip pummeling a CNN logo.

"I spoke to the president today and he was in very good spirits," she explained. "He was just in a very good mood because he does take his job seriously. I really don't think you can equate an edited version of a WWE video from 2007, that was photo-shopped, compared to something Barack Obama said, 'When they bring a knife to a fight, you bring a gun.'"

Pressed about Trump's tweet, Pierson dismissed concerns over how he has acted while in office, saying, “Donald Trump is Donald Trump."

"He’s not going to change,” Pierson continued. “By the very nature of being President of the United States, it makes his actions presidential whether you like it or not.”

Watch the video below via YouTube: