'How can it still be so high?': Ana Navarro mocks Trump's record low approval numbers
Republican CNN commentator Ana Navarro (Photo: Screen capture)

Republican consultant Ana Navarro was shocked by the latest poll numbers for President Donald Trump but because they were low -- because there are still people who support him.

"How can it still be so high, is my reaction," Navarro told Don Lemon Monday. "After everything he's done the last six months? He's continued to act unpresidential. He had told us that he would change his tone; he hasn't. He has used the presidency as a bully pulpit to do things like tweet out against department stores and Broadway musicals and the press and you know, he's tried to suppress the press."

She went on to say that she thinks that it is less about his achievements "or lack thereof," but that more Americans are disturbed and disappointed by his tone as a leader and that "he is tarnishing the presidency."

"What he's doing, you know foreign policy, this is a guy who tweeted against the mayor of London in the aftermath of a terrorist attack," Navarro continued. "It's embarrassing."

Watch the conversation with below via CNN: