'I am beyond appalled': Boy Scout parents furious about Trump's 'offensive' Jamboree speech
Boy Scouts (Shutterstock)

President Donald Trump on Monday night gave a highly politicized speech to the annual Boy Scout Jamboree in which he bragged about his election victory, lashed out at the news media, and got thousands of Boy Scouts to boo former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In the wake of the speech, several former Boy Scouts and current parents of Boy Scouts lashed out at the organization on its Facebook page and demanded that the Boy Scouts of America condemn the president's speech.

"As a former Scout, as well as a former employee of Philmont Scout Ranch, I am beyond appalled that the Jamboree was turned into a political rally tonight," wrote a Facebook user named Andy Karlson. "Unless the BSA condemns the President's conduct (which included bullying, name-calling, and swearing) in strong and clear terms, I will know that there is no place for my two sons in scouting."

"Please apologize for inviting the president to address the Jamboree," wrote Tim Horneman, who said he was a former Eagle Scout. "You had to know he would say something dumb/offensive/ridiculous -- and he did, of course. In the process, he got Scouts to degrade themselves and embarrassed those of us who are proud of our school-age days in Scouting."

"As the parent of a new Cub Scout, I will expect an appropriate statement about what happened at the Jamboree tonight," wrote Facebook user Mary Samsell. "You are not responsible for what the President said, or even for the disrespect that some of those in attendance showed booing the former President (and Scout), but you are responsible for how you respond and the message that sends."

Read some more of the top responses below.

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