‘I don’t do Narcan -- that’s my stance’: Ohio sheriff won’t allow deputies to carry life-saving overdose drug
Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones

An Ohio sheriff was adamant that he would not allow allow his deputies to carry Narcan -- a life-saving overdose drug -- because he believes that saving overdose victims puts his officers at risk.

While speaking on a variety of law enforcement issues with Cincinnati.com, Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones dropped the bombshell that Narcan is not being made available to his deputies at a time when the state is being wracked by deaths linked to opioid abuse.

According to the sheriff, he has been asked previously why law enforcement officials persist in reviving people who have overdosed multiple times, before stating, "I don't do Narcan."

Pressed to explain, "They never carried it," he said. "Nor will they. That's my stance."

While admitting "We're not winning," the war on drug abuse that is claiming so many lives, Jones said his refusal to save the lives of overdose victims is because they may become violent after being revived -- putting his officers at risk.