‘I won’t even turn on the TV any more’: Weary Trump supporters desperate to tune out bad news
Press-hating Trump supporter yells at journalists at Florida rally (Frank Thorp V)

Bad news keeps piling up for President Donald Trump, but some of his most dedicated supporters have decided to comfort themselves by simply ignoring all of it.

The Guardian talked with several Trump supporters in Pennsylvania and found that many of them are refusing to watch the news.

"About two weeks ago, I stopped watching the news," Wayne Bisher, a lifelong Democrat who backed Trump in 2016, told the publication. "Because it was just like, it was too depressing. They’re still bitching about the Russia thing, which is still not going to amount to anything. I feel so much better, for the last two weeks."

"We got fake news, like Trump said, and I’m upset with the news," 75-year-old Bruce Garis told the Guardian. "I won’t even turn on the television any more."

When asked by the Guardian about assorted Trump scandals, many Trump supporters simply deflect the question to go back to attacking Hillary Clinton.

"No matter how it comes out, even if it comes out that there was some shady business going on there, I’d rather Trump in there than Clinton," 43-year-old Jack Artley explained. "So, whether he had to cheat or not to get in, I’m OK with that."

"You really talk to people and – you know what drove a lot of people?" conservative activists Tom Carroll told the Guardian. "Believe it or not, they won’t leave Trump for anything. But it’s not because they love Trump, it’s because they love their families, they love their country, and they were fearful of what was gonna happen if Hillary Clinton got elected president."