Jack Kingston thoroughly mocked for 'stories' about genius of Trump he tells 'rubber ducky...in little bathtub'
Congressman John Heddens 'Jack' Kingston (R-GA) and Van Jones on MSNBC

A conservative Congressman from Georgia was hilariously mocked on CNN after trying to explain the "genius" of President Donald Trump.

Representative Jack Kingston (R-GA) was a featured guest of Erin Burnett's, with political analyst Van Jones.

Jones was alarmed that Trump was Tweeting about John Podesta despite the North Korea showdown.

"We have an actual madman in North Korea with actual nuclear missiles who is apparently now able to hit Hawaii and Alaska – American soil," Jones warned. "That should be – full stop – the agenda for the United States, to rally the world to stop the threat."

When Republican Congressman Kingston tried to deflect by talking about "the genius of Donald Trump," Jones could barely contain his comtempt.

"Listen, when you are in your little bathtub with your rubber ducky and telling yourself these stories, that's wonderful," Jones shot back. "The rest of the country is looking at what they're actually seeing, which is somebody who one he is given a script and something to say and do, he apparently can do a decent job, but the minute he runs into the restroom or closet and can get his phone out, he starts doing nutty stuff."

"It's not good for America," Jones continued. "If this is genius, we got a bunch of genius kindergarteners."

"I want to say one last thing -- the summer before 9/11 we talked about Gary Condit and Chandra Levy and distracting ourselves while enemies plotted and gathered," Jones reminded. "Right now you have a plot gathering against this country from North Korea and we're talking about everything but that because of your president.

Watch the segment:

Van Jones: "when you're in your bath tub with... by sarahburris