Jared Kushner 'laughed' when asked to save the Paris Climate Agreement: report
Jared Kushner (Photo: Screen capture)

Top Donald Trump adviser Jared Kushner—flanked by wife Ivanka Trump—“laughed” when asked to save the Paris climate accord, Politico reports.

Kushner and Trump were reportedly on their way to a Flywheel class an upscale indoor cycling club that offers classes for the populist-friendly price of $28 a class.

The report, which was featured in Politico’s “Playbook” and picked up by the website Death and Taxes, seems to contradict previous accounts of Trump and Kushner’s commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement. The president’s eldest daughter reportedly pressured Trump to keep the United State’s commitment to the accord prior to his decision to withdraw.

Perhaps the pair believe they’re doing their part in combating climate change by riding stationary bicycles in downtown Washington, D.C. Or maybe Kushner just thinks global sea waters rising and engulfing New York City is a particularly amusing outcome. It would let him off the hook for the $1.4 billion Fifth Avenue building currently draining equity from his portfolio.