Kellyanne Conway, special counselor to Donald Trump, blasted the media on Monday for covering one of the president's tweets that seemed to support violence against CNN reporters.

Just a day after Trump tweeted a doctored video of him body slamming and beating a mock CNN reporter, Conway appeared on Fox News to complain about the media coverage.

"The media have now moved on from Russia to cover themselves," she opined. "The American people see that they're trying to interfere with the president communicating directly through his very powerful social media network channels."

"Notice that they don't cover the substance of the issues," she continued. "I know it's a heck of a lot easier to cover 140 characters here or there or what the president may be saying about the media here or there than it is to learn the finer points of how Medicaid is funded in this country and how that would or would not change under the Senate bill."

(In fact, CNN has covered the Senate bill's potential devastating impact on the Medicaid system.)

The president's adviser concluded by scolding the media for wondering if Trump would confront Vladimir Putin about Russian interference in the U.S. election when they meet at the G-20 Summit.

"The Obama administration under oath have said they did not change a single vote and that there is no collusion," she remarked. "They are talking about themselves. This is why America doesn't trust many of them."

Watch the video below from Fox News.