LISTEN: White House reporter calls out Trump for continuing to whine about the Clintons
White House deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Screenshot)

A reporter at an off-camera White House press briefing on Monday asked why President Donald Trump continued to bring up his former campaign rival Hillary Clinton.

The reporter noted that Trump had tweeted about Clinton's daughter Chelsea early Monday morning. Trump wrote: "If Chelsea Clinton were asked to hold the seat for her mother, as her mother gave our country away, the Fake News would say CHELSEA FOR PRES!"

The reporter wondered when the president was "going to put Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton and Bill Clinton in the rear-view mirror? He won the election. He won it fair and square. When does he let them go and look forward?"

White House deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders defended Trump by complaining that the media had criticized his daughter Ivanka for sitting in for him during part of the G20 summit.

"I believe this tweet was a response to the attacks on his daughter taking his seat, if I'm correct. Is that the one you're referring to? Look, this wasn't about putting them in the front. This was about responding to an outrageous attack against a White House senior advisor."

Listen to audio, courtesy of CNN, below: