Maine's Susan Collins stands strong: Trump isn't going to bully me into changing my healthcare vote
Sen. Susan Collins, R-ME (Screen capture)

Maine Sen. Susan Collins (R) said on Sunday that President Donald Trump can make as many threats as he likes, but she has no intention of changing her vote against the Republican bill to overturn the Affordable Care Act (ACA) -- also known as Obamacare.

The Hill reported that Collins was speaking to CNN's State of the Union when she was asked if Trump's threats to cut off federal payments to insurance companies and to eliminate Congress' healthcare coverage will have any effect on her stand against the Republican bill.

“It would not affect my vote on healthcare," Collins said, "but it’s an example of why we need to act: to make sure that those payments, which are not an insurance company bailout, but rather help people who are very low-income afford their out-of-pocket costs toward their deductibles and their co-pays."

“It really would be detrimental to some of the most vulnerable citizens if those payments were cut off,” Collins said.

Watch the video, embedded below: