MSNBC guest: Trump keeps ‘weak-minded women’ like Kellyanne Conway around because they'll defend him
Kellyanne Conway (Photo: Screen capture)

Appearing on MSNBC's AM Joy, attorney Tamara Holder called out the women who have defended President Donald Trump's misogynistic comments about his female critics, saying their minds are as small as his hands.

After host Joy Reid ran a series of clips of female Trump advocates  -- including adviser Kellyanne Conway and spokesperson Sraah Huckabee Sanders -- defending his recent attack on Mika Brezinski, accusing her of bleeding from a face lift, Reid turned the floor over to Holder.

"I think the women in Donald Trump's life probably have smaller minds than his small hands because if they had any decency as women --," she said before pausing. "Joy, you have a father. If your father ever said anything like this about another woman, you would probably grab him by the back of the neck, just like I would to my dad and say, 'what are you doing? Apologize.'"

'He has continued to surround himself with very, very weak-minded women who are afraid of him. We are seeing Donald Trump explode from very, very far away," Holder continued. "Imagine the fear that these women have when they're up close and personal with him. You can't fight fire with fire if you're standing right next to it. It's going to explode and you're going to blow up. So this is why he has surrounded himself with women who can't do anything other than defend him. Kind of defend him or just not say anything."

"I want to go to one other thing as well. This isn't just Donald Trump's attack on the media. This is Donald Trump now using co-conspirators, that is the National Enquirer -- co- conspirators to carry out his crimes, blackmail and extortion," she concluded.

Watch the video below via MSNBC: