'Now resembles the Red Wedding from Game of Thrones': Jake Tapper unloads on Trump White House chaos
CNN's Jake Tapper (Screengrab)

CNN’s Jake Tapper on Monday reacted to the abrupt removal Anthony Scaramucci, who left his job as White House communications director after just ten days on the job, quipping the Donald Trump administration is “now resembling the Red Wedding from Game of Thrones.”

“Could anyone have predicted so much staff turnover from a man who’s catchphrase is ‘you’re fired’?” Tapper asked on Monday.

Tapper noted Scaramucci, “gone after just a week and change on the job,” follows in the footsteps of several high-profile staff shakeups, including former Chief of Staff Reince Priebus (ousted Friday after the president announced the appointment of Gen. John Kelly via Twitter),

former White House Communications Director Michael Dubke (quietly resigned on June 2, without assisting in selecting his successor), former FBI Director James Comey (fired on May 9 to relieve ‘pressure’ on Trump stemming from the bureau’s Russia investigation), and former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn (forced to resign on Feb 13 after he lied to Vice President Mike Pence about the nature of his communications with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak).

“That doesn’t even include lower-level departures,” Tapper said of the latest shake-up. “The White House is now resembling the Red Wedding from Game of Thrones.”

Watch the video below, via CNN: