'Proud to be fascist' Trump supporter eluded arrest despite history of alleged neo-Nazi attacks
White supremacist William Scott Planer (Photo: Facebook)

White supremacist and "proud to be fascist" Trump supporter William Scott Planer was arrested in Colorado Springs July 14, but the incidents that led to the arrest are only now being explained.

Denver's Westworld searched through local media stories and blog posts that didn't mention Planer's name but detailed reports of violence and assaults at the hands of neo-Nazis and white supremacists in the area.

A blogspot for Rocky Mountain Antifa warned Colorado residents about a house located in the 1400 block of Ogden Street in Denver. They wrote that it was "a neo-Nazi nest of sloppy drunks who regularly harass, intimidate and sometimes attack people walking by."

They included a Facebook post that exposed an alleged incident at the hands of the men in which a man and his girlfriend were attacked because it was assumed he was Jewish. He was knocked unconscious and she came away with the attack with a black eye and broken eye.

[caption id="attachment_1084806" align="aligncenter" width="326"] Facebook post shared via RockyMountainAntifa.blogspot.com[/caption]

According to the post, Planer and Shane "Choppy" McCampbell, "have been confirmed as the attackers described in this post." However, neither has been charged with a crime.

McCampbell disputes the charge, however. In an interview with Out Front magazine titled "An Evening With Ogden Street's Alleged Neo-Nazis," McCampbell swore that no one living at the Ogden street house was part of a Nazi group. He didn't refute if anyone in the house was responsible for the assault charge, rather he clarified that the man identify as part of the "Skinhead and Oi! subculture of punk music." He only noted that he wasn't involved in the assault.

"I don’t talk about my politics or religion. But that also means that I don’t try to push it on other people. I sure as hell don’t attack people because they believe differently than me," McCampbell told Out Front.

Instead, he played the victim, saying that his pride of brethren are victims of discrimination for their beliefs.

"I was expecting something like that because I don’t follow the politically correct guidelines put out through the punk scene,” he said. He also said that he lost his job at in Wheat Ridge because of the blog post.

Planer wasn't included in the interview, but a spokesperson for the Denver Police Department confirmed "no reports of criminal activity" were made with the Ogden house.

Planer wasn't mentioned in an earlier CBS4 report that described a series of fliers that appeared in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Denver about white supremacists. In a flyer reproduced by Out Front, Planer is clearly visible in the photos with McCampbell.

Not long after, a June 10 story from KRDO-TV shows security camera footage of two men putting stickers reading "Fight Terror, Nuke Israel" on the Chabad Lubavitch Jewish Center in Colorado Springs. The Anti-Defamation League revealed that was the reason for his arrest July 14, 2017.

Planer is being held until he can be sent back to California where he will face additional charges.

Jeremy Shaver, associate regional director for the ADL, explained that "the incident at the Chabad center was a lower-level incident. But in talking about hate crimes, one thing that's important to know is that it's absolutely critical to look at lower-level activity and the pyramid of violence. It could be a flier or vandalizing a synagogue today. But tomorrow, it could lead to assaulting someone on the street. These things can escalate if they're not checked along the way."

Westworld notes that Shaver echoed the alarms raised last December after the fliers went out to the Capitol Hill neighborhood.