‘Put him in a home’: David Letterman is tired of all the Trump ‘whining’ and calls for action
David Letterman (Shutterstock)

David Letterman is tired of being "victimized" by President Donald Trump and wants him removed from office.

“We know there’s something wrong, but what I’m tired of is people, daily, nightly, on all the cable news shows telling us there’s something wrong,” Letterman said Monday, during an interview with the Associated Press.

“I just think we ought to direct our resources and our energies to doing something about it,” said the retired TV talk show host. “And other people have made this point: If the guy was running Dairy Queen, he'd be gone. This guy couldn't work at the Gap. So why do we have to be victimized by his fecklessness, his ignorance?”

He told the AP he feels bad for Trump voters, who he believes were duped by promises to address their very real concerns -- which will need a genuine problem solver.

“I wish it was Trump, but it's not, so let's just stop whining about what a goon he is and figure out a way to take him aside and put him in a home,” Letterman said.