'She'd defend a steaming pile of sh*t': Internet lambasts Kellyanne Conway for trying to rescue Trump Jr.
Kellyanne Conway (Photo: Screen captures)

Kellyanne Conway doesn't seem to be having a good day on the Monday morning talk shows. At least, that's what the internet thinks after a grueling conversation between Conway and CNN's Chris Cuomo.

Conway alleged that the "New Day" co-host was attempting to go viral, but it was Conway that lit up the internet with commentary.

The interviews caught her in a series of awkward pivots and obvious hypocrisy, namely that she mentioned a report about former FBI director James Comey that cited anonymous sources. Trump and his White House has notoriously criticized the media for using anonymous sources.

Twitter users weren't having any of it. They attacked Conway for both interviews and heralded Cuomo's dogged attempts to get Conway to understand Donald Trump Jr. accepting a meeting with a Russian lawyer is an admission of guilt.

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