A veteran GOP policy strategist says the Republican Party under President Donald Trump has become, "the conduit of chaos."

While Peter Wehner currently works as a senior fellow at the conservative think tank, the Ethics and Public Policy Center, he previously served in the last three Republican administrations.

In a Tuesday op-ed published by the New York Times, Wehner seems genuinely alarmed by Trump's administration.

"Chaos in the West Wing can be crippling, as White House aides — in a constant state of uncertainty, distrustful of colleagues, fearful that they might be excoriated or fired — find it nearly impossible to do their jobs," the former head of the WH Office of Strategic Initiatives explained. "A presidency characterized by pandemonium invades and infects that space, leaving people unsettled and on edge. And this, in turn, leads to greater polarization, to feelings of alienation and anger, to unrest and even to violence."

"A spirit of instability in government will cause Americans to lose confidence in our public institutions. When citizens lose that basic faith in their government, it leads to corrosive cynicism and the acceptance of conspiracy theories," the long-time West Wing staffer concluded. "One result is that the informal and unwritten rules of political and human interaction, which are at the core of civilization, are undone."

Wehner describes President Donald Trump as, "arguably the most disruptive and transgressive president in American history."

Wehner predicted things will get worse no matter what.

"The disruption is only going to increase, both because he’s facing criticism that seems to trigger him psychologically and because his theory of management involves the cultivation of chaos," the life-long Republican explained. "He has shown throughout his life a defiant refusal to be disciplined. His disordered personality thrives on mayhem and upheaval, on vicious personal attacks and ceaseless conflict."

Wehner also predicted that when Trump is faced with a crisis, things will get much, much worse.

"We have as president the closest thing to a nihilist in our history — a man who believes in little or nothing, who has the impulse to burn down rather than to build up," he foreshadowed. "When the president eventually faces a genuine crisis, his ignorance and inflammatory instincts will make everything worse."

This is not the first time Wehner has made such a prediction.

“We have as president a man who is erratic, vindictive, volatile, obsessive, a chronic liar, and prone to believe in conspiracy theories,” conservative commentator Peter Wehner remarked in March. “And you can count on the fact that there will be more to come, since when people like Donald Trump gain power they become less, not more, restrained.”