'The family is a distraction, the president is a distraction': GOP lawmaker openly fumes about Trump
Rep. Mike Simpson (R-ID) (By U.S. Congress - http://www.house.gov/simpson/portraits.shtml, Public Domain, Link)

There have been plenty of off-the-record quotes from Republican lawmakers expressing their frustration at President Donald Trump, but now Rep. Mike Simpson (R-ID) is going on the record.

In an interview with Politico, Simpson lashed out at the White House for constantly creating distractions that made it hard for Congress to do its job.

"I don't even pay any attention to what is going on with the administration because I don't care," he said. "They're a distraction. The family is a distraction, the president is a distraction."

Simpson, who last year refused to endorse Trump and called him "unfit" to be president in the wake of the infamous Access Hollywood video, explained that he was told by his colleagues to be patient with Trump because he was new to politics. However, Simpson's patience with Trump's performance seems to be running out.

"At first, it was 'Well yeah, this is the guy we elected. He'll learn, he'll learn,'" he said. "And you just don't see that happening."