'The Mooch is ready to smooch': Stephen Colbert mocks the White House's worst week yet
CBS "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert.

After a truly bizarre week in the White House, "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert ruthlessly book down the unexplainable events.

The comedian's "one week older" segment covered Anthony Scaramucci's characterization of Steve Bannon's acrobatic self-gratification.

"Look, if Bannon could do that, he'd never leave the White House," the comedian quipped. "Though, I gotta say, we never see him anymore."

The recap also mocked how before Trumpism there was Sessionism and before that, just racism.

And the lack of people saying, "Merry Christmas" in July and an autocorrect error that explains who Preisdent Trump turns to for advice. PLus a composite police sketch of the source of damaging leaks against the president.

"Bring it Donald, specifically those sweet but cheeks because The Mooch is ready to smooch," Colbert laughed.

Watch Stephen Colbert roast the White House's worst week yet: