Former adviser to Presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Clinton David Gergen and former federal prosecutor Michael Zeldin told CNN on Sunday that the suspicious actions and outrageous lies of President Donald Trump's administration can really only add up to one thing.

"We don't know whether there were violations of the law. we don't know, you know, there's a lot," said Gergen. "The legal significance is still to be determined, but there's no doubt that this is deeply troubling."

Gergen went on to say that with the White House and Donald Trump Jr. telling conflicting stories, "I just can't remember a time when a White House has been so unable -- and a legal team has been so unable -- to get their story straight and to come forward with straight facts and defend themselves. I mean, it's just the incompetence that goes into this is also quite stunning."

Zeldin said it's not so much that the White House can't get its story straight, it's that they don't want to. Having conflicting narratives makes it even harder to get at the truth.

"To David's point," said Zeldin, "of the White House being unable to get its act together. As a lawyer, I think of it as an unwillingness to get its act together... Why I say it in those terms is it implies that there's something that they are trying to hide, that there's a truth that they don't want revealed."

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