‘They’ve taken the fun out of dysfunction’: GOP lawmaker is sick of the White House ‘daily drama’
Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA) appears on Morning Joe (Screen cap).

Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA) appeared on Morning Joe Tuesday morning to decry the latest series of tweets from President Donald Trump.

During the segment, Dent was asked whether Trump's decision to publicly attack Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has long been one of his staunchest political allies, made him doubt the president's ability to effectively lead the country.

Dent didn't hesitate to reply that it did.

"I'm very concerned about the continuing drama, chaos, instability, and dysfunction coming out of the White House," he said. "I have come to expect a certain amount of dysfunction in government, but they've taken the fun out of dysfunction."

Dent then went on to describe the toll that Trump's actions have taken on members of Congress.

"This is really tough," he said. "This is not easy for any of us. Talking about, the FBI director gets fired, now trying to push the attorney general out... And there was discussion last week about pushing out or firing [special counsel Robert] Mueller. I mean, you can't fire the FBI. The investigations are going to continue. I just don't -- I don't understand why all this interference. It's not helpful, and it's very distracting. We have a lot of work to do on Capitol Hill, but we deal with this daily drama, and it doesn't make your job easier."

Watch the full interview below.