'This is a gun meeting with a Russian bullet': Colbert takes aim at Donald Jr. for playing dumb in Russian meeting
Stephen Colbert (Photo: screen capture)

Stephen Colbert got back from The Late Show's holiday break on Monday to the not-so-surprising news that the nation was still talking about collusion between President Donald Trump and Russia.

"But here’s the thing,” Colbert said. “There is no evidence of collusion, or even the desire to collude with the Russians, by anyone in the Trump campaign… is something that was true 48 hours ago.”

He immediately dove into the biggest news of the weekend citing Donald Trump Jr's meeting with a Russian lawyer last summer to receive potentially damning information about Hillary Clinton. He then changed his tune when people took affront to his initial story that the meeting (attended by disgraced campaign manager Paul Manafort and Trump Sr.’s son-in-law Jared Kushner) was mostly about “the adoption of Russian children.”

When that story failed, Trump Jr. "like all the most innocent people" gave a second explanation: that he didn't know what the meeting was about, and that he didn't tell Kushner or Manafort what it was about.

"You could knock me over with whatever you use to knock someone over who isn’t the least bit surprised," Colbert said.

"This may not be a “smoking gun,” he concluded, “but it is a gun meeting with a Russian bullet about their mutual desire to smoke. Pretty damning!”

Watch the opening monologue below, via The Late Show on Twitter.