'This is a peaceful protest': Trump supporter crashes left-wing demonstration and starts up a brawl
A Trump supporter brawls with an anti-Trump demonstrator (Screen cap).

A Trump supporter this week crashed a left-wing demonstration and successfully provoked a brawl among the protesters.

Via the Independent Journal Review, a video that went viral on Monday shows a man in a "Make America Great Again" hat baiting a protester holding an anti-Trump sign and daring him to hit him.

At one point, the man takes the bait and uses his sign to knock the Trump supporter in the face -- at which point the Trump supporter began repeatedly hitting the protester in the face, to the point where he knocked the other man to the ground.

After the protester fell to the ground, several people rushed over to pull the Trump supporter away from him. As this happened, organizers at the event said over a loudspeaker, "Do not engage!" and "This is a peaceful political protest, we are not here to fight."

There is no indication at this time where the video was filmed, although it was first posted online this past Sunday.

Watch the video below.