In an uncharacteristic editorial opening, CNN host Erin Burnett lashed out at President Trump's administration for treating the presidency -- and the White House -- as if it is a "reality show."

Noting "communications director Anthony Scaramucci out as the president quotes, 'it's a great day at the White House,'" Burnett began by asking, "Is the chaos ending or just beginning?"

Calling it, "Survivor: White House Edition," Burnett focused on the firing of former White House Communications Director Scaramucci a mere ten days after he was hired.

"This is the latest White House staffer to be voted off the island that is the Trump White House and it sounds like I'm joking or being facetious," Burnett stated. "But this is not a reality show, this is not a joke. This is the highest office in the land, we're talking about the White House."

"Here's the thing," she added. "Even after Reince Priebus resigned on Friday, after Scaramucci said he had to go, it begs the question of: who is next?"

"This is the New York Post who is usually supportive of Trump," she continued showing the Post's "Survivor" cover illustration. "It's not a contest or entertainment. This is the group of people tasked with running the way they manage the country, and how they carry themselves has a direct effect on the reputation of the United States of America -- never mind  the practical part of it, the president's ability to execute his agenda."

"If we count the days Scaramucci put in since he took the job -- ten altogether -- he has the shortest tenure for communications director in history," she lectured. "And Michael Flynn served 23 days as national security adviser, shortest tenure in American history. and then there's [FBI director] James Comey, his firing after 109 days. Today President Trump said there is, quote, "no White House chaos.'

"You can call it what you want, but Webster's Dictionary seems to have an accurate description for what we've been seeing unfold," she concluded.

You can watch the video below via CNN: