'This reads like a Trump tweet': Progressives blast Bill Maher for racially charged North Korea 'nail salon' joke
'Real Time' host Bill Maher during the panel discussion on Oct. 9, 2015. [YouTube]

While "Real Time" is on a summer break, Bill Maher is still engaged in political jokes. Friday afternoon, the HBO host drew fire from the left for what many see as a racist tweet.

"This N Korean [sic] thing is getting tense! I mean, I think it is, I'm on vaca. The ladies at my nail salon are freaking out, that's what I know!" Maher tweeted.

Maher was similarly denounced a few weeks ago when he referred to himself using the N-word. Maher made an apology and brought on major African American voices to have an honest conversation about race.

Still, the internet went after Maher:

Some defended him: