Trump nearly missed out on hotel for G20 summit after staff forgot to book rooms
Donald Trump eating McDonald's fast food aboard his private jet (screengrab from the president's Instagram account)

President Donald Trump nearly missed out on staying in Hamburg, Germany -- site of this week's G20 summit -- because his staff waited too long to book a hotel.

The summit, which was scheduled in February, requires 9,000 hotel rooms to accommodate world leaders, their aides and security details, but White House staffers didn't immediately make reservations, reported Buzzfeed.

The White House had hoped Trump could stay at the Four Seasons, but all 156 guest rooms had already been booked by Saudi Arabia's King Salman -- who travels with a giant entourage, a golden escalator and camels for fresh milk -- along with a number of rooms in the Hotel Renaissance and The Westin in the Elbphilharmonie.

Every luxury hotel in Hamburg, which is Germany's second-largest city, had been booked by the time the White House got around to making reservations.

Trump, whose name adorns a chain of luxury hotels in other cities, was nearly forced to stay about 180 miles away in Berlin and fly into Hamburg by helicopter until the city of Hamburg stepped in to help.

The president will, according to the Associated Press, stay at the Senate guest house, which is guarded by police officers, but German and U.S. officials refused to confirm whether he'll be there.

Police confirmed a "summit delegation" will be staying at the house, and Trump's staff will reportedly stay at the U.S. Consulate General.