Trump's childish antics leaving his voters feeling conned -- but they're still mad at liberals for shaming them
CNN panel of Trump supporters (Photo: Screen capture)

In yet another fascinating conversation with supporters of President Donald Trump, CNN revealed that his support even among his own voters is slipping quickly. Other ardent supporters, however, are still managing to hang on, loving each of his antics the others disavowed.

Despite tweets rounding up to 40 percent, Trump's poll numbers are at yet another record-setting low of 36 percent. Worse, in Republican strongholds where Trump won easily in 2016, he has dropped to 50 percent.

Voters from South Carolina, Iowa and Florida were evenly split between whether they still supported the president. Just half of those who identified as "strong" supporters still support him. One woman said that she was lukewarm in her Trump vote, instead, she voted more against Hillary Clinton.

"His words actually have a lot of power and have a ripple effect with the rest of the world," said one woman, identified only as Jackie.

Another supporter arrived for the panel with a T-shirt featuring his photo of what he called a "man hug." He heralded Trump's promises that are coming to fruition such as pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement and repealing and replacing Obamacare.

"He's the modern day president," he said, celebrating Trump's tweets.

Trump voter John Montgomery said that he wishes Trump could understand that some thoughts are better left untweeted.

Former Navy member Kim Evans said that as a veteran she can now walk into the VA and get care and walk out and credits Trump with making that happen.

Another woman was overcome with sadness and empathy after seeing the families trying to come into the United States after Trump's travel ban went into effect. Their looks of fear on their faces tugged at her heart.

The anti-Clinton voter explained that she didn't quite realize the important role her vote played in friendships with progressive friends.

"I didn't realize how much our relationship hinged on me voting for Trump," said Jackie about her conversations with friends who voted for Clinton.

James Davis, a female impersonator in Florida, said that after coming out as a Trump supporter he was "black-balled" from performing.

Montgomery admitted that the CNN gif really made him think twice about his support for Trump. But when he said that on Twitter, he got a backlash of attacks that he said came from liberals mocking him.

The disaffected voters were saddened they weren't welcomed more by Democrats, who they hoped would embrace them seeing the light.

"When we get into a discussion with anybody, a family or a stranger on social media, we need to remember we are all Americans first and this is a great country," she said. "We're all proud to be Americans. So, just put that first in your mind and then try to see the other person's side and see what you have in common more."

The ABC poll doesn't give anything positive to Democrats either. The poll revealed that many see the party as nothing but being against Trump, not standing for anything.

Watch the full discussion below:

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