CNN host Chris Cuomo summed up the internal infighting among President Donald Trump's appointees Friday morning, calling the White House "Thunderdome."

Noting that Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci's obscene tirade about advisor Steve Bannon and White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus became a major story even before the health care bill failed in the Senate,  Cuomo put former Trump aide Jason Miller on the spot.

"The turmoil inside the White House is real and on full display," Cuomo began. "Did you see Ryan Lizza's latest piece in the "New Yorker"? You missed Scaramucci making his case to the American people he was brought in by the President to do some things and most of them start and end within the White House."

Introducing Miller, Cuomo put the Trump supporter in a corner from the start.

"Jason Miller, it is Thunderdome in the White house -- two men enter, one man leaves? How did it get to this point?" the CNN host asked.

"Well, Chris," the defensive Miller replied. "I think one thing to keep in mind here is that President Trump likes to surround himself with folks who are passionate and like to mix it up. He likes to see them hash it out and see which idea or opinion comes to the top -- up to a point."

"I think the critical distinction here is at a certain point the president will look and say this is becoming a distraction or getting in the way of the agenda, and then, folks will find themselves on the outs," Miller  continued. "That's not where you want to be. I think that things have gotten a little bit too heated."

Attempting to put a positive spin on the whole meltdown, Miller offered, "I think Anthony is a breath of fresh air coming into the White House. I love his focus on the leaks and I think he's going to be a great teammate."

Watch the video below via CNN: