WATCH: Dem NYC council member tells constituents that it's harder being rich than being poor
NYC Council Member Fernando Cabrera (Official photo).

A Democratic New York City Council member this week told his constituents that being a rich person was much more difficult than being a poor person.

In a video posted on Twitter by Paste Magazine journalist Walker Bragman, NYC Council Member Fernando Cabrera this week was shown telling a crowd of people that rich people have much more difficult lives than poor people because they have so many more responsibilities.

"Millionaire people, they have a lot of stuff to worry about," he said. "More stuff to manage... they really got there because of their ability to handle more pressure."

Cabrera then went on to tell constituents that their own paychecks were a direct reflection of their own capabilities and limitations.

"Do you know why your boss pays you what he pays you?" he asked them rhetorically. "Because of your capacity."

In Paste Magazine's report on the speech, author Jordan Breeding called Cabrera's mindset "American Calvinism at its best" and said that he completely overlooked the daily pressures and concerns of working people.

"Obviously the single mother working two jobs and raising three kids is just a total wuss," he wrote. "Otherwise she’d be a millionaire single mom, raising two kids and working one job…probably CEO over at Goldman Sachs."

Cabrera's office has not responded to emails requesting comment.

Watch the video below.