WATCH: Florida corrections officer bodyslams inmate after 'shakedown search' for contraband oranges
Inmate body-slammed by corrections officer (Screengrab)

A corrections officer at a Florida jail was fired Thursday after video showed him body-slamming an inmate, CBS12 reports.

Deputy Paul Wagner—who’s served as a corrections officer for seven years—has been terminated after he and fellow deputies conducted a violent “shakedown search” for contraband. Video shows several deputies walking an inmate down the hall and aggressively shouting at the prisoner.

Wagner then abruptly slams the inmate onto the floor and lands on top of him. The force of the fall broke the inmate’s nose and a number his teeth.

According to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office, the officers were searching the inmate after oranges, which are considered contraband, were discovered on his person. Investigators told CBS12 the inmate became confrontational, though video shows the man facing away from the officers with his hands behind his back.

The investigation concluded on July 7 with Wagner’s firing. The corrections officer plans to appeal.

Watch video below, via CBS12: