WATCH LIVE: Trump takes questions from reporters during Paris visit
Donald Trump at the Royal Castle in Warsaw. (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland)

President Donald Trump will take questions from reporters Thursday in Paris, alongside French President Emmanuel Macron.

The president spoke off the record to reporters for about an hour earlier in the day, after arriving in the capital for his second European visit in a week.

Trump was treated to a military parade, including a brass band playing the national anthem and a full review of troops, at the courtyard of Les Invalides military complex, where he also toured Napoleon's tomb.

The president and his French counterpart discussed national security issues before their joint press conference, which is scheduled for 12:25 p.m. EST.

Trump has kept a low profile since returning Saturday from the G20 summit in Germany, as the Russia scandal erupted again with the revelation that his son and two other top campaign officials discussed election issues with a Russian government lawyer.

Donald Trump Jr. then tweeted out copies of the emails setting up the meeting, which showed he was aware damaging information about Hillary Clinton came from the Russian government to aid his father's campaign.