WATCH: New White House communications chief trashed Trump as an ‘inherited-money bully’ in 2015 rant
Trump surrogate Anthony Scaramucci appears on CNN (Screen cap).

New White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci wasn't always a big fan of President Donald Trump, once saying his campaign would "implode" and calling him a "bully."

In a 2015 appearance on the Fox Business Network, Scaramucci -- an investment banker -- had several unkind things to say about his new employer whom he referred to as "a hack."

Discussing the possibility of Trump ever becoming president of the United States, Scaramucci described the now-president as “very divisive” and that his campaign would “eventually implode.”

“I’ll tell you who he’s going to be president of. You can tell Donald I said this: the Queens County Bullies Association,” he said as he smirked at the camera. “You’re an inherited-money dude from Queens County. Bring it, Donald. Bring it.”

Watch the video below via Fox Business News: