WATCH: Shep Smith points out the absurdity in Trump’s praise of his ‘transparent’ son
Shep Smith (Screenshot)

Fox News host Shep Smith took a shot at President Donald Trump complimenting his son for his "transparency" in releasing emails showing he knew he was dealing with Russian government officials offering dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Speaking with Associated Press reporter Julie Bykowicz, the Fox host took up the bombshell revelation along with Trump Jr.'s response.

"His transparency came minutes before he had been made aware that The New York Times would be publishing the same e-mails this released, is that correct?” Smith asked.

After Bykowicz confirmed the timing, Smith dug in.

“So transparency is something that normally happens prior to learning that somebody else is about to document dump you,” he continued. “Normally that word wouldn’t be used in this circumstance.”

Smith hammered at Trump Jr and the White House's evolving explanation regarding their Russian contacts, saying, “Each change in explanation happened after the New York Times brought out more of this information. Their story changes happen every time the Times brings out more relevant information.”

Watch the video below via Fox News: