WATCH: Trump and Putin exchange handshake ahead of anticipated G-20 meeting

President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin shook hands as they met at the G-20 summit, hours before they are expected to sit down in a high-level meeting that will exclude aides.

This will be the first time that Trump, who has expressed his admiration for the Russian strongman, will be meeting with Putin as president.

The White House notes that  the meeting will be limited to Trump, Putin, the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov and translators.

According to Axios, Trump belies that he can make a "deal" with Putin, but details as to what Trump will seek are sketchy.

"Source close to Trump tells me he still thinks "a deal" with Putin is possible. Today's meeting will be a search for some middle ground," Jonathan Swan reported.

You can watch video of the handshake below: