WATCH: Wild brawl erupts on NYC street as a machete-wielding driver takes on pedestrian holding a trash can
Two men in New York City brawling after an altercation (Screen capture)

A bloody brawl erupted between two men in New York City when a white driver told a black pedestrian to stop looking at his phone and pay attention -- and then flashed a gun clip at him as a threat.

The New York Post said that an unnamed 35-year-old man was walking and looking at his phone when 40-year-old Louis Roman shouted at him to pay attention and flashed what looked like a gun.

"Witness Paul Tena, who tweeted out footage of the fight, told the West Side Rag blog he turned on his camera when he saw the pedestrian respond by throwing a garbage can at Roman’s car — and the driver emerged with a machete and chased the trash thrower back to the median," wrote the Post's Stephanie Pagones.

In the video, Roman waves his machete and postures aggressively while his female companion tries to insert herself between the two men and halt the altercation.

The two men end up throwing their weapons at each other and then fighting with their fists.

Shortly after Pena stopped his camera, police arrived and arrested Roman, charging him with assault, criminal mischief, menacing and criminal possession of a weapon. No charges were filed against the second man.

Watch the video, embedded below: