‘A couple of band-aid tweets is not going to fix this’: CNN panel trashes Trump for ducking Charlottesville
Poppy Harlow, Chris Cuomo -- CNN screengrab

A CNN panel took President Donald Trump to task Monday morning for his inability to separate himself from his white nationalist followers, instead choosing to issue vague disavowals on Twitter.

The President has come under harsh criticism for his speech on Sunday where he addressed the nation over the death of a counter-protester in Charlottesville at the hands of neo-Nazi, and claimed the violence came from "many sides."

Since that time the White House has issued clarifications on the president's remarks, while Trump himslef has ducked the subject on Twitter, choosing instead to tweet about jobs.

Addressing the White House covering for the president, CNN regular John Avlon stated it wasn't enough given Trump's history of catering to white supremacists, after host Poppy Harlow claimed, "He had his moment and he whiffed."

"He did," Avlon admitted. "To not call out neo-Nazis and the KKK and instead to try to broaden the criticism with a moral equivalence that even neo-Nazi sites took as validation of their perspective."

"There's a larger problem here that I think the president needs to take ownership if the he wants to be leader of the nation rather than leader of a political faction," he continued. "Normally the way these things work, is that we have seen a rise in militia movement under a Democratic president under the last 30 years. What's stunning about what's happening now is these numbers are rising now with a Republican president who some of them feel have empowered them."

"You heard David Duke say it from the rally yesterday," Avoln remarked. "It is never too late to condemn hate, but Trump and his administration can do a lot of soul searching because a couple of band-aid tweets aren't going to deal with the problem that they have empowered these folks or are seen by these groups as to have been empowered and given them license."

Watch the video below via CNN: