'An American was assassinated!': Van Jones smacks down ex-Trump adviser defending president's comments
Van Jones, Michael Caputo -- CNN screengrab

A State of the Union panel went off the rails Sunday morning when a former Donald Trump adviser attempted to defend the President's "both sides" comment over the Charlottesville attack.

Former Trump adviser Michael Caputo claimed that he deplored the attack that killed one woman and injured 19, before saying he "understood the president's point" and that "America is being destroyed by people on both sides thinking that the other side destroying the world. America is being moved into chaos by people on both sides who think that they're better than anyone else on the other side."

CNN regular Van Jones was not having it.

"You know, I see it very differently," Jones began. "It's almost painful to have to point this out. You are correct that there is a problem of extremism in this country that cuts across, but this is a day in which after an American citizen was assassinated in broad daylight by a Nazi."

"A Nazi who the day before had been marching with torches down American streets saying anti-Jewish, anti-black stuff," he continued as his voice rose. "This not a time to talk about both sidesm both sides are not using ISIS tactics, mowing people down with cars in the streets of America. Grandparents, great grandparents, people watching this show gave their lives to stop Nazism. Dr. King gave his life to stop the klan."

"This is not the time to talk about both sides< h said as he turned and pointed at Caputo. "Maybe tomorrow or the day after. The president of the United States needs to come out and say, 'my daughter is Jewish.' Go off script and say 'my daughter is Jewish, my son-in-law is Jewish, I don't want this in my country."

"So don't talk about sides," he concluded. "That sends a signal to people, this is on purpose."

Watch the video below via CNN: