'Prone to exaggeration': Trump's lawyers aim to discredit Comey as a witness in Mueller's Russia probe
President Donald Trump and former FBI Director James Comey (Photos: Screen captures)

In a series of legal memoranda submitted on behalf of President Donald Trump to special counsel Robert Mueller, lawyers for the president attacked fired FBI Director James Comey's character as a means of defending the president.

According to sources close to the case who spoke to the Wall Street Journal, the president's legal team submitted a memo to Mueller in June that claimed Comey was an "unreliable witness" because he is "prone to exaggeration, unreliable in congressional testimony and the source of leaks to the news media."

The memoranda were part of Trump's lawyers defense of Comey's firing, saying he did not obstruct justice because he "has the inherent authority under the constitution to hire and fire as he sees fit."